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Curious Minds Inquire Within. Here are a few FAQ’s:

What's Phalera Refer A Buddy About?

Your chance to win big while introducing friends to the Phalera magic!

How to track my ambassador status?

Log in and witness the growing list of friends you've enlightened.

What if my buddy missed my special link?

Oops! Have them reach out, and we'll make it right.

Maximum referrals in a year?

The sky's the limit! Keep them coming, baby!

Credit balance conundrums?

Credits roll over, ensuring you're consistently winning.

Definition of a year here?

From the moment you start, till the exact date the next year!

Changes in the referral gala?

We evolve for the better. Always.

And the perk for my buddy?

They get a sweet discount to start their Phalera journey right!